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Re: 5th Annual British Car Drivers Week

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Subject: Re: 5th Annual British Car Drivers Week
From: "Dan Hackney" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:20:31 -0400
It is rather sad to see our favorite cars fade away from the popularity they
once enjoyed.  Especially in the younger generations, many people today have
little knowledge of the LBC's we all enjoy so much.  I would venture that
most young people favor newer, japanese small cars or suv's.

However, Troy H. and myself are exceptions in this respect.  I am 18 years
old and currently mid-restoration of my father's '72 B.  Unlike some of the
father-son projects mentioned from time to time on the list where the father
does all the work and can't get the son to help, I am doing all of the work
on our car while my dad foot's the bill for parts, paint, etc.  I think this
is a pretty sweet deal as I will inevitably inherit the car someday. Also,
my daily driver is an '88 Jaguar XJ6, which I also maintain.

I have found few people my age with similar automotive preferences.  Are
there any other sub-20 year olds on the list?  Any fathers out there who
have successfully hooked their kids on Brit cars? (all my dad had to do was
have the B parked in the garage throughout my childhood.  I still have very
early memories of riding, top (hood?) down, in what was known to me then as
"the green car"...)  I'm just enjoying the time I have left at home before I
go off to college next fall, minus the MG. :(

-Dan Hackney
'72 MGB
'88 Jaguar XJ6

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