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Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?

Subject: Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?
From: Nina Barton <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 12:24:36 -0700
You said:
>I'm having a struggle here lately. I want to begin stockpiling interior
>trim for the repaint/restore I'm going to do, so I want to choose what
>colors I'll be using. This is a 73B roadster which in the restore is going
>to get an original style all chrome grille and probably a shiny new luggage
>rack on the back.

When I painted my car back in '96, I was planning on going with the
original tannish color.  My paint guy called me up and told me;  "your car
is really going to look nice, please don't paint it that ugly tan color,
why don't you go with red."  I'm definitely not a red car person, so I
started thinking about colors.  I've always liked BRG, so decided to go
with that.  Looking at shades, I choose one that was not original for our
cars, but works for me.  I think it's pretty.  I've been doing upholstery
(front seats and rugs last year, rear GT seat this year, deluxe panels next
year probably), and have gone back to black for just the reason you stated,
I never liked the black dash and autumn leaf upholstery and panels.

You can see a bad picture of my car at:  The color is not shown to
it's advantage.  It was also in Moss Motoring Fall, 1999 page 26, with much
better color quality.  Maybe someday, I'll get a web page up.

In choosing a color, go with what will make you happy.  Blue is nice, but
don't forget all the other colors.  I'm kind of partial to Primrose
(yellow), my first MGB.  Hope this helps.  Nina

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