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Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?

Subject: Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?
From: Chris Thompson <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 18:39:26 -0400
When I wrote that email I expected a certain response from the list. I
expected "Who cares if alot of people do Tartan Red, go for it it looks
good", a few comments like a friend of mine made "British Racing Green is
the only logical choice", and a few "Go back to the original factory

I got that. But what I didnt expect was that when the votes were tallied in
this highly unscientific poll that the clear winner would be Purple. Black
Tulip, as it were. I have had six separate people on this list recommend
Black Tulip both on the list and privately.

Nor did I expect the clear second to be Primrose Yellow. I've got four votes
for that. The rest of the 15-20 emails I've gotten in te last 8 hours were a
BRG here, a Red there, but no clear cut winner among them.

So the general concensus, granted over only 8 hours, and the people on the
west coast of the US dont even arrive home to read email for another hour,

1) Black Tulip.
2) Primrose Yellow.
3) Blue Royale with Stripes or even flames. :)
4) Black upholstery isnt any hotter in a convertible than beige on a sunny
5) Black paint on a car with no roof is no hotter for the driver than any
   other color.
6) Yes, I'm overthinking this whole thing but dont worry, alot of people
   go through this. :)


P.S. - I'm not sure I could drive a purple car. Although if I ever saw Black
Tulip or the other close one which I believe is Aconite, up close, I might
change my mind.

P.P.S - The interior is going to be black.

P.P.P.S - I'm leaning ever more towards Blue Royale.

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