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Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?

To: Carl Elliott <>
Subject: Re: Why is it so hard to choose a #$!%!^ color?
From: Kevin Sullivan <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:02:57 -0600 (MDT)
On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Carl Elliott wrote:

> I have a BGT ,Its harvest gold with Silver ,red gold Metal flake in clear ,
> Several layered coats over the gold,
> That's all Micro flake . Then the hood edge and wheel openings are
> highlighted with a large gold flake,
> 71 Torino hood scoop, Talbot racing mirrors mounted on the fenders over the
> wheels and sebering head light covers, and the special tuning air dam. Looks
> down right Mean. Carl E.

Let's see some pics!

A BGT with a Starsky and Hutch paint job would be different.  I know their
Torino was later than a 71, but ....

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Khoral Research Inc.
Albuquerque NM USA 

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