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RE: Overdrive Swap

To: <>
Subject: RE: Overdrive Swap
From: "Greg Bass" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 13:39:57 -0400
> At 11:56 AM 6/6/01 -0500, Jack Feldman wrote:
> >Lawrie,
> >
> >I find that old time radio programs help pass the time 
> faster than music.
> >Since I did 950+ miles in a day coming back from the annual 
> C gathering, I
> >need some company. A half hour of Jack Benny does it nicely.
> I like Lawrie find nothing better than listening to hours of 
> of constant, 
> steady, Supermarine Spitfire like droning. 

And all this time I thought that was my wife! :-P


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