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Re: Overdrive swap

To: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Subject: Re: Overdrive swap
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 14:25:35 -0700
 I was thinking of the back EMF causing a momentery current pulse that
might blow a fast acting fuse.  Could be why the circuit isn't fused to
begin with.  Not sure.




"R. O. Lindsay" wrote:
> Charley & Peggy Robinson wrote:
> >   Did you do it?  I was wondering if one should use a slo-blo fuse.
> >
> >   CR
> Slo-blo fuses are designed for applications that produce a surge of
> current before they reach their running current.  Typically, this means
> motors and solenoids.  They should not be used where trouble happens
> quickly and surges are signs of trouble, not SOP.  I would think that
> a slo-blo fuse in an overdrive activation circuit is appropriate.  Lucas
> would probably addressed the problem by just using a BIGGER regular
> quick acting fuse.
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