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Re: "correct" starting procedure

Subject: Re: "correct" starting procedure
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 05:47:25 EDT
On a 68 BGT, I usually pull the choke out (100% in winter; about 75% in 
summer), turn key one position to get the SU pump ticking,  say two Hail 
Lucas' and an Our Father (Cecil), then turn key the rest of the way.  ( nine 
times out of ten, she starts within 5 seconds, usually within 2.

That tenth time, after five seconds, I stop, turn key off, "goose" throttle, 
then turn on again, she starts right up.

As soon as the temp guage starts moving, I slowly push in the choke, going 
about 25% in each time (takes a little longer in winter) and wait about 15 - 
20 seconds.

Steve in NJ

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