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Re: "correct" starting procedure / Framingham next monday?

To: DenverD <>
Subject: Re: "correct" starting procedure / Framingham next monday?
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 07:32:15 -0700
 As Bud has said, if everything is as it should be, it won't have to
crank for 20 seconds.  Consider: if the carbs don't leak there's fuel in
the bowls when you turn the key on; no need to wait for the pump to
pressurize the lines.  Nor should the pump have to run for ~20 seconds
to do so, unless there's a seep somewhere in the fuel lines, or internal
to the pump.  Most of the CBBs I've looked at have fuel residue on the
pump where the lines connect.  This means it's losing fuel at the banjo
connectors.  It's no big deal to tighten the banjo bolts now and then,
it's part of my periodic maintenance.

  Little stuff, but it all adds up.



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