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Re: "correct" starting procedure / Framingham next monday?

Subject: Re: "correct" starting procedure / Framingham next monday?
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 10:38:48 -0600
At 07:32 AM 6/16/01 -0700, Charley wrote:
>As Bud has said, if everything is as it should be, it won't have to
>crank for 20 seconds.  Consider: if the carbs don't leak there's fuel in
>the bowls when you turn the key on; no need to wait for the pump to
>pressurize the lines.  Nor should the pump have to run for ~20 seconds
>to do so, unless there's a seep somewhere in the fuel lines, or internal
>to the pump.

I used to have this problem. My 71BGT used to start right away. Then 
suddenly it started to take several tries to start on a cold engine. No 
firing for 20 seconds, then intermittent, then success. The problem started 
shortly after I removed the transmission and had it rebuilt.

I tried several things - replaced intake manifold gasket, tuned engine, 
rebuilt carbs. wrote to list for ideas. But no success. It wasn't a big 
problem until I let my son use the car, so I figured it should be more 
reliable for the novice user.

I took a closer look at the choke and figured that full choke really wasn't 
full - it was only pulling the jets down halfway. The choke had to be half 
way out before the jets started their downward movement. I readjusted the 
choke linkage and that fixed the problem.

On another related note - I just had my son rebuild an old set of HS4 carbs 
this weekend so hopefully now he will know the futility of pumping the gas 
pedal before starting the car. :)

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B  -shell nearing completion
71 BGT - soon to be transplanted into 72B
65 B - son's car

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