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Re: 5 Speed - Why?

Subject: Re: 5 Speed - Why?
From: (Matthew Trebelhorn)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:25:39 -0400
>So what do you folks who went for the 5-speed have to say?Bill Spohn and I
> are just guessing!
> Bill

I have thought about putting a 5-speed in my car.  From my point of view, I can 
either put in a complicated, antique, electro-mechanical device, or a new, 
all-mechanical, Lucas-free piece.  

Although the o/d would be a simpler initial installation -- out with the old, 
in with the new, connect to presumably existing wires -- and would allow one 
the occasional opportunity to say "Laycock de Normanville" (as opposed to "Ford 
Sierra" or "Toyota Celica", the o/d is a very clear winner here), there is -- 
in my eyes -- one major disadvantage.  

When driving a car with o/d, two distinctly different motions are used for 
shifting gears and for changing o/d.  In my '70, if I read the wiring diagrams 
correctly, I would switch the o/d by pulling/pushing on the windshield wiper 

I would change gears 1-4 by moving the gear lever, and would engage 3-od and 
4-od by moving the windshield wiper switch.

The windshield wiper switch.

Yes, I could do some custom wiring, so that I had a small switch somewhere on 
the gear lever, or the dash.  That would take care of the fact that I think 
it's just plain silly to change gears with the windshield wipers.  But it would 
still leave me with two distinctly different ways of changing gears.

If I put in a 5-speed, I would be able to change gears as simply as possible, 
without mentally asking myself -- "now, for this next change, does my hand stay 
on the wheel, flicking a switch with my fingertips?  Or do I move my hand to 
the gearshift lever to change gears?  Or do I do BOTH?" 

Yes, I know it's classic, and yes, I know that Paddy Hopkirk (etc.) did it, 
while racing.  It just seems silly to do it that way 40 years later, if there's 
a simpler way.

Matt (with nomex)
'70 'B with all sorts of easy-way-out modern conveniences, like 12v battery, 
electronic ignition, halogen instrument lights I can see, electric fan...

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