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Re: Black Plates A-Go-Go - Assembly Bill 834

To: Richard Feibusch <>
Subject: Re: Black Plates A-Go-Go - Assembly Bill 834
From: Martin <>
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 12:20:05 -0500
I bought an RMB Riley back in 1990 that had black and yellow plates.
I exported it to Alabama from a California car dealer.
I declined to pay some sort of California tax.
The dealer said that was OK but the car
could never again be registered in California.

I consider the plates to be just another O.E.M. part
I don't have a current  requirement for
just like my +.40 1622 Mahle piston set.
It is probably unlikely that I will move to California
and register my Riley there. I also do not
have a car with a 1622 engine.
Therefore I would  like to see the plates and pistons
go to good use and  at the same time
microscopically clean up my garage.

You can look at see the tags at
Does the "63" in the upper right hand corner mean they
were issued in 1963?

Do you have any advice?


Richard Feibusch wrote:

> OK Gang,
> Let's send a letter to Gov. Gray Davis about something cool and not about
> his energy policies!!!  You can email Governor Gray Davis and ask him to
> sign AB 834: mailto: <>
> >  URGENT LISTER ALERT - Assembly Bill 834
> > ------------------------------------------
> >
> Assembly Bill 834, introduced by Assemblyman Mike Brigs, will allow
> California car owners the option of using vintage-style black & gold
> licence plates on their pre-1969 classic cars, or pre-1972 classic trucks.
> This will allow vehicle owners who's original licence plates have been
> replaced with modern equivillents to purchase plates that are correct in
> appearance to those issued in the vehicle's year of manufacture. Under
> existing law, an owner of any vehicle that is a 1962, or older, may use
> license plates similar to those issued in the model year that the vehicle
> was manufactured.
> This bill has been unanimously approved by the state Senate and will soon
> appear before the Governor. There is very little time to act. If you're
> intrested in supporting this bill, you can email Governor Gray Davis and
> ask him to sign AB 834: or fax:
> 916-445-2841. Also, you can send snail mail to:
> > Governor Gray Davis
> > State Capitol bldg.
> > Sacramento, CA 95814
> To learn more about AB 834, visit:
> &site=sen

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