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To: <>
Subject: MGTD
From: "Mike Razor" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 10:02:42 -0400
Hard to start first time.  Have to choke it to start until it warms
up.  Sounds more truckish than like an MG.  New points, condenser,
plugs, rotor, coil, checked timing and it was ok, was fouling plugs,
leaned it out and does not appear to be fouling them anymore.
Everything was gas fouled, to include the oil, changed that as well.
Runs much better, but still not real good, has to warm up before it
will really run right, will miss and backfire under load until it has
run for a while.  Has a intermittent miss and sometimes idle will stay
high until I bump the gas pedal.  Am lost as to what else to do or
look for.

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