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To: "Bullwinkle" <>
Subject: Re: MGTD
From: "Mike Razor" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 12:31:12 -0400
Was doing great, had taken it for a drive up in the mountains and it
performed like a champ.  Got back home and the next day took it to the
local garage to have the oil changed, front carb was dripping gas on
the manifold and the mech hosed down the manifold and carbs, put a
jury-rigged seal in the front carb and it has been downhill since.  I
pulled the seal out and it had choked out the front carb by sealing
off the flow of fuel from the float bowl to the carb.  Replaced it
with a flat fiber gasket and still had problems.  I am guessing that
when he hosed the engine down it soaked everything to include the
dizzy, took the cap off and it was full of water, replaced everything.
Let it all dry out for several weeks.  Still fouling plugs, took the
car to a mech who knew very little about MGs, but is very good.  I
know have a much better running car, except when it is first started
it needs to be choked and never did before.  We set the timing,
regaped the points, cleaned and leaned out the carbs.  After the car
has run for a while it runs great, but takes time to get going, like
not all cylinders are coming on line until the car warms ups a bit.
Might have leaned them out to much.  After running for a about 15
minutes it runs like a champ, except the idle wants to stay up until I
bump the gas peddle it idles back down.
Mike R

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