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Subject: Re: MGTD
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 07:41:20 -0400
  What a pain it is to have both electrical and fuel issues to sort out!
  Have you checked to see if all the disintegrated gasket has been
removed from the float bowl passage to the jet?  Maybe a particle of it
is in that little drilling. Could it be that in the removal and
replacement of the float bowl cover the float lever setting was
disturbed?  With cover off and fuel pumps turned on, do you get good flow
though the needle valve?
  Syphon or syringe some fuel out of each float bowl into a glass
jar--any evidence of water in the fuel?
  Do the SU pistons drop with a click--jet centering question?
  That high idle speed but no power suggests lean fuel mix somewhere.
  What color(s) are the sparkplug tips--can it run long enough for you to
get a reading on them?
  You're sure that firing order is correct?
  Try a spray of WD40 inside distributor cap and wipe it all out with
kleenex-just to see if there might be a crack in the new cap that has
picked up atmospheric moisture.
  When you installed new points, did you take distrib out of the car? If
you didn't, consider doing it now, then taking distrib apart, removing
the condenser plate and cleaning & oiling the bushings and the advance
weights. Could be that they got wet and are sticking. Anyway, you can get
it cleaner out of the car than on the engine.  Turn engine to TDC marks
and then write down the position of the rotor---I always forget and find
writing it essential for future happiness. 
  Check that those tiny fibre washer(s) in the distributor are in
place-if one is missing you can get intermittent no-spark conditions. 
  If you have a dwell meter, set points at 60 degrees dwell (8 cyl
reading = 30 on gauges) and note if it's fairly steady or if needle
swings 2-3 degrees either side of 30. Then reinstall distrib and set
static timing at 4 degrees (about 1/4 inch) before TDC. 
  This could also be a dodgy condenser. Try another one. 
  Do you have a timing light? IF so, try putting it on each sparkplug
wire to see that they all fire regularly, with equal strength. 
  Best of luck with this Mike, I hope you find the problem this morning.

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