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Subject: Re: Semi-nonLBC: info
From: "Brent Schwartz" <>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 17:50:04 -0500
[Brent Schwartz]

> > tooooooo expensive.  I just wish they
> > would do an "Ace" body rather than
> > the "427" which to me looks more
> > brutish than elegent.

[Bill Saidel]

> I, for one, thought the FF machine looks wonderful. It is $11K plus the

I agree that the FF looks wonderfull.  However, if I had
to choose my favorite body style it would be the 289 FIA
offered from ERA.  I especialy like the thought of running
a small block in a small block car.   As a side note: look in
the racing records and see which cars CS actually won races with.

[Bill Saidel]

> For a hobbiest (hobbyest?), the Caterham is somewhere between $25K to
> $30K imported from England by a dealer in Delaware.  Seems to be pricey.

Yep!!! This is especially disconcerting when you consider what you get for
your money.  I want one so bad I can taste it but I will never fork over
kind of money for one.  Chapman designed it to be an entry level club racer

with no frills and lots of speed . "More with less." But it is so expensive

(37K  for the one I want ) it has become a toy for only those with money to

burn.  My friend's Corvette is a far better value for less money.

[Bill Saidel]

> After figuring that I had only about $6K, I went after my B (no OD)
> and haven't been sorry since. [No, it did not cost the full $6K.] Not
> being an historical junky, I'm beginning
> to think about a bigger engine, a 5-speed and more comfortable seats.
> After being on this list for 3 years, I know these things can be done
> reasonably.

And my wife wonders why I love my MGB so much.  Fast (ok it feels fast),
fun, cheap, and reliable.  I have said before that I think this is EXACTLY
the MGB, and Miata were both so successfull.  They are reasonably
competent road machines that people like me can afford.  Look at
every popular sports car that went upscale.  They eventually LOST the sales


Sure, I would love to buy the fastest, meanest car known to man.
I believe the Mclaren F1 can go from 0 to 200 to 0 faster than my MGB
can go 0 to 60.  I wonder how many MGBs I could buy
for the cost of a single F1?

I and 99.9999999% of the rest of the world buy what we can afford.

"Long live Walter Mitty!"

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