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Re: Voltage regulator logic

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Subject: Re: Voltage regulator logic
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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 19:58:26 +0100
Enrique - the regulator should switch between battery voltage and 0v once or
twice a second.  Sounds like yours is kaput.


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Subject: Voltage regulator logic

> Hello List,  I have been trying to revive my Fuel n Temp gauge. I have
> tested the green cable that connects to the voltage regulator and I get
> solid 12V. The light green/green gives 2 volts and oscillates to about 1.4
> and back to 2V.  I tested continuity of the green black from the fuel
> to the sender and its OK. Since the
> voltage regulator is putting out 2 volts instead of 12 can I assume it is
> defective or does something else affect this behavior? Oh, voltage
> regulator is horizontal and very well grounded. Thanks for any input,

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