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Re: Voltage regulator logic

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Subject: Re: Voltage regulator logic
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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:37:21 +0100
Hang on a bit, Enrique started out by saying he was trying to get his fuel
gauge fixed:

"Hello List,  I have been trying to revive my Fuel n Temp gauge. I have
tested the green cable that connects to the voltage regulator and I get
solid 12V. The light green/green gives 2 volts and oscillates to about 1.4
and back to 2V..."

He's talking about the instrument voltage stabiliser not the output of
generator or alternator.

Enrique - disconnect the light-green/green from the stabiliser.  If you
still only get about 2v output whilst having 12v input then it definitely is
the stabiliser.


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> My guess is the field coils aren't energizing if this is a
> generator.  The reason you're getting some voltage is due to the
> residual magnetism in the field coils laminations.
> Field coils not energizing could be:
> 1)  burned out field coils
> 2)  Bad connections or wires from the generator's field terminal
> to the regulator
> 3)  Bad regulator
> Blake

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