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Re: I survived the WTC disaster

Subject: Re: I survived the WTC disaster
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 12:24:24 EDT
Although we don't know each other, I feel that we all have something in 
common in loving LBC's and this tragedy brings all Americans as well as 
friends throughout the world, together in some way.
God has spared your life and we are all thankful.
I pray for all those who didn't make it, for all the brave firefighters, 
police and volunteers who lost their lives or were injured trying to save 
others, that their lives were not lost in vain, but in doing what they know 
best and what they love to do. 
I pray for the families of victims of this terrible tragedy.
I pray that our government and all agencies involved will have the courage 
and strength to bring those responsible for this tragedy to justice swiftly 
and decisively.
God Bless America
Larry in CT

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