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Re: Report from DC

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Subject: Re: Report from DC
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:51:07 -0500

<<So does "get the hell out" apply to all "non-citizens" no matter what they
do here or is there some specific reason you want this particular group to

What are these "duties" they are expected to perform before they should be
allowed to reside here?

MikeB - A non-citizen living in the US>>

YES and NO.

Sorry, guys but I feel VERY strongly here!

"duties", you ask!?!?  EASY!  "IF" you are here under any other scererio
diplomatic corps and for over two years; VOTE to start with!!
LEARN to speak American English!

WHAT does the foregoing mean, you may ask:

       My great-grandparents (as well as my wife's) came here as immigrants.

THEY not only got JOBS, but LEARNED the language and went thru the steps
necessary to become CITIZENS.

Yes, my Father grew up in a bi-lingual family.

FIRST language??   American English!!  His wife??  Ditto.  My Mother's
had been here so long she (nor her Mother nor her grandmother) could "say"
where the "roots" where!

And the language they spoke??  Ya don't EVEN have to guess!!

What is "required" to vote you may ask (which you should NOT have too):


Sorry, if you are not born that way (you STILL have the responsibilities)
then you
have to APPLY and APPLY yourself.

If ya can't handle that, get the He*l out.



PS:  Does anyone have any idea how many extra trees are used to make
language "instruction" booklets/pamphlets??

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