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Is the 1965 MGB the best year made?

Subject: Is the 1965 MGB the best year made?
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 19:00:13 EDT
Hi Gang,
I know that this will probably upset someone but, has anyone ever heard that 
the 1965 MGB is/was the best model year ever made. I know that my 1978 MGB is 
a little 'short on wind' sometimes due to all of the emissions bunk. But its 
such fun little car to just put the top down and drive. Does anyone know of 
an "easy" way to get it up to pre-smog control power and torque. While still 
running all of the emission                                                   
                            controls ?  Oh yeah, is there anyway to restore 
the smooth finish on the Rubber Bumpers? TIA, Albert Escalante 1978 MGB       

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