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Re: Is the 1965 MGB the best year made?

Subject: Re: Is the 1965 MGB the best year made?
From: Dan DiBiase <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 18:11:05 -0700 (PDT)
Well, most "experts" consider the 1967 as the optimum year (in the US, at
least), 'cause you still get the metal dash and have the 5-main bearing
engine (and I think full-synchro tranny) but have basically no
anti-pollution stuff... Of course, you lose the lovely pull-handle doors
like my '65! And I do love my '76, even though it's probably the
worst-handling MGB with no anti-roll bars....

BTW, I was behind a pretty nice RBB heading home from church today, on
Route 130 South in North and South Brunswick, NJ. Maroon color....

Dan DiBiase
Dayton, NJ
'76 MGB Tourer (Driver)
'65 MGB Tourer (Project) 
NAMGBR #5-2328

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