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RE: Rigidity

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Subject: RE: Rigidity
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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:25:25 -0700
> Yes, we have noted that when an MGB begins to lose structural 
> integrity due 
> to hidden rust in the inner side members, the chassis can 
> flex enough to 
> allow the doors to open.
> Never happen if it had a decent frame under it, of course!

        Thanks Bill for the vote of confidence.  If you have quite finished
slagging my car.  : )

        The original early MGB door lock assemblies are prone to cracking.
The steel latch pins wear and the door frame also has a tendency to crack in
a number of stress points around the lock mounting. 

        This combined with door misalignment can cause the latches to not
hold properly when the door is closed by an uninitiated passenger.  Any
flexing of the chassis, as you pointed out can also add to the problems.  

        The early door latch design worked well in the MGA with light doors
and no preloading by winding windows and quarterlights.  The MG factory
chose to change the MGB mechanism in 66 to a stronger less failure prone
mechanism with, I believe good reason. 

Kelvin Dodd.

65 MGB Vintage Race Car.  with a good rustfree body tub.

(touchy, touchy)

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