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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 13:03:53 -0700

        It's all a question of proper MG driving technique.

"As you aproach the corner, apply slight pressure to the brakes.  Typical
rear wheel cylinder leakage will cause the back of the car to swing towards
the turn under trail braking.  With the nose pointing towards the apex,
double clutch, shift down and pop the clutch pedal thus locking both rear
wheels.  The car will now start to slide in a perfect arc around the turn.
In one smooth movement the hand must leave the shifter and return the
passenger seat to full upright position.  On acute turns the apex side door
will automatically deploy increasing wind resistance  on that side which
will tighten the arc of the turn.  On the upshift the door will return to
approximate docked location, at which point the free hand is used to latch
the door ready for it's next deployment."

from the "Essentials of Rapid Driving Techniques"  by Steve Reeves*

* Check out Peter Paul & Mary "Live" if you don't get the reference to this
"handsome, windblown" Austin Healey Sprite driver.     

   Thanks Bill for the vote of confidence.  If you have quite finished 
slagging my car.  : ) 

It's like trout rising to a fly - you just know they'll take the bait ;-) 

All of the early latches INCLUDING the MGA are subject to opening with even
a bit of extra flexing, as I found out when first racing my car. 

Picture me entering braking zone of hairpin trun, nailing brakes, having
passenger door open wide (no doubt causing some consternation to following

Picture me apparently with three hands, one steering, one shifting, and one
holding the damned door closed, as I reach across the cockpit in the middle
of a tough turn. 

Picture me installing back-up rubber coach straps (the type you guys at Moss
used to sell to hold down Bugeye bonnets - maybe you still do) on each door
before next race........ 


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