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Re: question on taking out engine

To: rexcats <>
Subject: Re: question on taking out engine
From: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:56:04 -0400
rexcats wrote:

> it easier to remove the engine with the transmission attached or not!
> Also when it goes back in is it better attached or not...

Hi Lisa,

I've done it both ways several times. The bottom lines are time, hassles, 
knuckles, etc. I would opt for removal and refitting with the two units 
The most aggravating task to me has always been bolting the engine and
transmission together while the two are in the car.

It is much easier and safer if the removal and refitting job is done on a flat
concrete floor so you can roll the lift as needed. Some engines seem to slip out
and in easy as pie, while others put up a terrible fight and have to be horsed
around. An engine lift will not roll on dirt, gravel or other rough surface 
carrying a 500 lb. motor/transmission. If you don't have the luxury of a flat
floor, buy a sheet or two of plywood, or particle board, or composite board
(whatever is on sale). Position the board(s) to allow the lift to roll from 
the front of the car, and to completely clear the car during extraction. Jack 
car up and support it on solid jack stands so the lift can be rolled under the
front suspension. Installation is the reverse of ..... One or possibly two
rolling floor jacks are very helpful. Another useful device to rent or buy is 
of those engine tilting brackets for the lift. Another great aid is an engine
stand so you can do the rebuild off the floor. Someone will please tell you what
the thread size and length bolts are required for the engine stand to carry your

The most important tool to have present at all times is at least one additional
pair of hands. The job can be done by one person working alone, but it isn't
advisable the first time around. Wear a one piece coverall work suit; it makes
crawling in the dirt much less distasteful. You WILL get dirty, so have a large
container of waterless hand cleaner open at all times, a large spray bottle of
Simple Green, and TONS of rags. You may want to try wearing surgical style
gloves. The black crap on the undersides of cars is very good at attaching to 
undersides of finger nails, so for a week afterwards all your friends will know
you've been wrenching. Oh, yeah! Don't forget the coffee pot, and perhaps a 
with some soothing tunes.

Good Luck; be careful; have fun. God Bless America.

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