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Re: Fw: Cam timing (AKA my experiment)

To: Gerard <>
Subject: Re: Fw: Cam timing (AKA my experiment)
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:06:52 -0500
I'm here
By the way, I starting working on the MGA last night
I cut away the outer rockers and found the inner rockers look like swiss cheese
More steel than holes, but not much more

A and B posts look good , but I'll kmow more when I remove the inner rocker

I'm doing all the sheetmetal repair while the car is still on the frame
The question is
What do I do to insure that nothing "moves around" while I'm replacing the inner
Do I tack it on in just a couple of places and check door gap / alignment before
welding it up?

This will be the toughest project I've ever done
61 MGA
67 Sprite
69 Sprite project / parts donor

Gerard <> on 01/31/2002 05:23:16 PM

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Subject:  Re: Fw: Cam timing (AKA my experiment)

OK, I make 20... anyone else want to confess who's here?


[In truth, the number as the moment is 32.  mjb.]

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