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Re: Autumn Leaf Interior Trim

Subject: Re: Autumn Leaf Interior Trim
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:36:45 EST

There are many dealers of upholstery around, and generally you get what you 
pay for.  Sometimes a big price differential also means a big quality 
differential too, so don't shy away from spending a few bucks more if you 
want the stuff to last and retain its color.

One other point to make--and I can't offer any solution--is the variety of 
shades you may encounter in the Autumn Leaf family, especially if the rest of 
your interior has aged/faded, as most do.  In short, as long as the shade you 
get is close to what is left in your car, you might as well be happy.  The 
only option is to replace the autumn lead interior, all from the same 
supplier.  An expensive option.

Jay Donoghue
72 B gone to a dentist in Baltimore

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