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Dont open email from me!

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Subject: Dont open email from me!
From: "Jack Feldman" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 16:23:28 -0600
Looks like I have caught a virus that is particularly insidious. It has been
discussed on the Healey list, but not the MG. What it appears to do is to go
out to lists that the owner subscribes to, and sends to folks on that list.
What is insidious about it is that it appears to be an answer to your email
on the list. The subject is always keyed to your email to the list.

Sorry about that. I have removed the files that Norton has indicated are
infected. Even found one with the Trojan horse.

If you don't have a virus program you can go to, and they
will scan you C: drive for viruses. They will even download (long, verrrrry
long) a copy of Norton Virus for free.


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