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Re: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad. (OT)

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Subject: Re: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad. (OT)
From: "Jack Feldman" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 07:38:18 -0600

Sometimes there  are laws on the books that are worthless. The law governing
the display of the flag is one. There is simply no way to punish those who
display the flag incorrectly. How would people react if it  really had
teeth, and people started to get arrested for displaying the flag

Traffic laws are the same. Here in Illinois it has been the law that kids
must be properly restrained, and that seat belts be worn at all times. No
one got stopped for that violation because it had no teeth. The legislature
had to go back and rewrite it.

In my last house I had the neighbors from hell. They were the kind of people
with six cars and three sets of  license plates and junk cars littering the
driveway. The police have to make a decision of where to spend their time,
especially if they think it will be wasted by a law that is just PR on the
part of the legislature.

>From experience, if you had called in and complained, you might have gotten
some action. I enjoyed catching them parking two cars each with the same one
license plate next to each other.

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> Jack Feldman wrote:
> > When I saw the Police car I wondered how much it would cost to
> > be 25 MPH over the speed limit.
> Well, in Pennsylvania it will cost you precisely $178 dollars and five
> points on your record... I was ticketed this morning at 7AM for doing
> 27.5mph over a posted speed limit (which was 40).  This during my regular
> mile commute to the train station.
> I suppose that is the irony of having another family member crash less
> 12 hours previously, into a car that was uninspected, parked the wrong way
> and whose driver was uninsured and that person received no citations for
> lack of necessary paperwork to associated with the privilege of driving...
> but of course, The Man stuck it to me... an insured driver with an
> car (same municipality).
> So Jerry Erbesfield, you don't have the worst luck in the world... I do :P
> Kai

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