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Re: Dist. replacement. - hesitation

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Subject: Re: Dist. replacement. - hesitation
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Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 14:57:36 -0000
Could be a couple of things, Hans.

Could be weak on pick-up i.e. not enough damping hence enrichment when the
throttle is opened, easy to check by pulling out the choke when the
hesitation is happening and seeing if you suddenly roar off into the
winter's gloom.

Could also be a fractured wire inside the dizzie, being disturbed when the
points-plate twists under vacuum change.  Can be verified by removing and
plugging the vacuum line.

A Scimitar GTE I had nearly gave me heart-failure several times by cutting
out or severe hesitation just as I pulled out of a side-road onto a main
road.  In that case the ground connection to the points plate was simply by
sliding contacts rather than a flexible wire, and these contacts were known
to get iffy over time.  The cuire was to install a flexible wire inside the
dizzy, and that completely cleared the problem.  The MGB has that wire
anyway, but it can fracture, as can the points wire.


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> This hesitation triggered me:
> Since I have my BGT the engine shows some hesitation when the accellerator
> is pressed. This is felt best when this is done slowly when going at a low
> speed and low revs. It always occurs when going faster from a stable
> Especially when the engine is cold it is at worst.
> When hesitating then the engine sometimes backfires in the carburattors.
> When the engine comes to speed >2200 RPM the hesitation is over.
> The engine is recently tuned by a knowledgable guy.
> For the rest the car drives well.
> Dear list what is you opinion?

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