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Mg's back to the US....???

Subject: Mg's back to the US....???
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 08:57:44 -0800
Anybody else seen this or the Automobile article....???
 MG TO RETURN TO US?                                                            
 MG's return to the US - just what is the score?                                
 According to a story in the US magazine 'Automobile', MG are ready to return 
to the US.                                          
 Jamie Kitman, the New York bureau chief of Automobile recently traveled to 
Cardiff, which apparently is the home of the MG Rover 
 "Here in America, the MG name is still associated with the traditional English 
accoutrements, leather and wood, even if wood was 
 never a visible part of the MG formula," Kitman writes.                        
 "Unless things go badly wrong, MG will return to America soon," he continues, 
"with MG ZR160, a super-fast hatchback; the ZS     
 180, reminiscent of an English Acura RSX; and the ZT190, which can go from 0 
to 60 in 7.8 seconds, a four-door with a difference 
 PetrolTed says: "Can't see it somehow. MGTF and the new coupe maybe, but not 
maxxed up Rover 25's..."                            

73 Midget.

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