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Re: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?

Subject: Re: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:19:00 EST
First let me thank you for all of the incredible information that I've been 
able to gain access to simply by visiting your fantastic goldmine of a 
website! I've turned all my friends on to it and they responded to it in much 
the same manner ...AWESOME! It's a mystery that your website hasn't been 
declared a national monument! Case in point: I did as you specified I checked 
out the TMW link accessing your website as the link..I saw right away that 
their address is: 325D Rutherford St., Goleta, Calif. Guess who their 
neighbor is at:440 Rutherford St, Goleta, Calif.? Yep, Moss Motors!    That 
makes it really convenient, wouldn't you agree...?  
Albert Escalante 
1977 XJ-6Lump; 1978 MGB
Central Coast British Car Club
Port Hueneme, Ca.

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