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Re: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?

Subject: Re: Possible Fuel injection for the MGB?
From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 01:09:47 +1030
"Dodd, Kelvin" wrote:
> So much for keeping stuff under wraps till it's ready to market.
> Geesh.
> Moss Motors is working on a throttle body fuel injection conversion to
> legally replace the Zenith Stromberg carburetor on California Air Resources
> Board (C.A.R.B.) regulated MGBs.

Well Kelvin, it is even less under wraps now - I just spread your info
around a few people here in Australia and this is one of the responses I
got from a fellow 'B racer here in Australia:


"If you are corresponding with the bloke who wrote it you might like to
tell him of my experience on the subject." 

"First attempt had a purpose built manifold, comprising two inlet
flanges with one injector mounted in each one of the two the cylinder
head flanges, a pair of long inlet runners terminating in a plenum
chamber with a 4.1 Ford throttle-body to atmosphere via a K&N filter,
the control by a Haltech F9A programmable computer. The system worked
very well up to about 3500 rpm when the power just disappeared , the
general consensus of opinion was the siamese port arrangement fouling up
the induction process, there was not enough time for the fuel and air to
mix, it was felt the fuel should be injected into the air stream further
back from the cylinder head, this is a theory only."

"Attempt 2 is just about completed and consists of the butterfly section
cut out of two 1-3/4 SU carbies with an injector mounted up-stream of
the butterfly in each inlet runner terminated with an air horn in a cold
air box, this assembly bolts straight onto my existing 1 3/4 SU inlet
manifold. A throttle position switch is attached to the butterfly
shafts, air temp sensor in the cold air box , water temp sensor in the
cylinder head and a map sensor vacuum signal from above one of the
butterflies. The system is virtually an electronically controlled twin
SU carby set-up, I'll let you know how it performs if it actually works.
 I was aware of the TWM throttle bodies and a similar product made in UK
but decided to make up my own system." 

Regards Laurie (also a tinkerer )


Adelaide, South Australia

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