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Re: New club forming

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Subject: Re: New club forming
From: R C Engelhardt <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:49:16 -0800
Heh, it is a neat name but I had nothing to do with thinking it up. That
honor goes to a Triumph owner named Steve who isn't even British. We are
actually in Sonoma County next valley over from Napa County but do stop
by if you're in the area.

58 MGA
Santa Rosa, Ca. wrote:
> I like the name No-BBC, it's a little anti British, but I never liked the
> BBC either, they never let anyone advertise, so us Brits ended up paying
> for TV license's.
> If I'm ever in Napa, I'll let you guys know, at least it's not as far from
> Reno to Napa as it is from the Netherlands.

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