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Re: New Fuel Pump

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Subject: Re: New Fuel Pump
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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 15:46:03 -0000
Hmmm.  If the pump was trying to draw current and you saw 12v at the pump
terminals then the wiring back to the supply is OK and the pump wasn't
pumping for some other reason.  If the pump is trying to draw currenrt and
there is a bad connection back towards the supply then you will
significantly less than 12v at the pump, possibly nothing at all.
Conclusion?  Your pump will probably go AWOL again.

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Subject: Re: New Fuel Pump

> Yesterday, I got my grubby clothes on and tore into it. The meter
> showed 12 volts and a good ground at the pump, but no operation. I
> clamped the hose from the tank and removed the pump, put the leads
> up against the battery posts and it worked!
> I found that there was enough continuity to show 12 volts on the
> meter, but not enough to operate the pump.

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