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Re: New Fuel Pump

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Subject: Re: New Fuel Pump
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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 09:57:32 -0000
Ah, well, it is no good measuring the voltage unless the thing it is
supplying is connected and trying to draw current.  Connect a meter between
ground and one thumb and put your other thumb on a 12v supply.  The meter
might show 12v (depending on how wet you are) but you wouldn't even light a

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Subject: Re: New Fuel Pump

> wrote:
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> > Hmmm.  If the pump was trying to draw current and you saw 12v at the
> > terminals then the wiring back to the supply is OK and the pump wasn't
> > pumping for some other reason.  If the pump is trying to draw currenrt
> > there is a bad connection back towards the supply then you will
> > significantly less than 12v at the pump, possibly nothing at all.
> > Conclusion?  Your pump will probably go AWOL again.
> Thanks, Paul!
> I would agree, but the "ifs" weren't satisfied in this case:
> I saw 12 volts at the pump terminals with them *disconnected*.
> The pump would not work when connected to the terminals, but worked
> every time when connected to the battery terminals and is working
> reliably connected to the new wires.

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