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Re: speedometer and odometer trouble

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Subject: Re: speedometer and odometer trouble
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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:01:27 -0000
Hans - my needle was wavering in time with the odometer moving but I didn't
really notice until it got to one of the big changes like 29,999 then the
speedo really started to swing.  A drop of light oil on each end of the
speedo head drive shaft cured it and now it doesn't waver at all.  YMMV.

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Subject: Re: speedometer and odometer trouble

> This makes me curious, as my odometer almost will have to turn to 60,000
> miles.
> My speedo also has a wavy needle at some spots.
> The trip odometer colored dial truns not regulary but a bit forward and a
> bit still.
> What is the most propable cause?
> My plan is to change the cable as it still is the original one from 1971.

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