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Re: Head stud removal

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Subject: Re: Head stud removal
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:00:28 -0800
At 4:06 PM -0700 2/21/02, Bob wrote:
>   Actually one thing helps the best and that is
>patience.  All the suggestions are great and should be
>followed but do it slowly and carefully.  Use the
>chemicals and allow plenty of time for them to work.
>DON'T rush it!!!  Now using the stud removal tool as
>mentioned before slowly apply pressure in the opposite
>direction, then try it the other way.  Remember slowly
>and don't get to anxious.  Keep working back and forth
>even if you don't feel it moving at first.  Might even
>be safer if you grab the handle half way up to
>decrease the chance of applying too much pressure.
>Good luck.  Bob


Might also try tapping the end of the stud with a hammer (protected 
by double nuts) as you turn, similar to the technique used with an 
impact screwdriver.

Good luck

Chris Attias
Aptos, CA
'64 MGB

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