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Re: Shipping a hardtop

Subject: Re: Shipping a hardtop
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 20:30:11 -0500
Thanks for the information about Forwardair. I am going to call them
tomorrow to get prices for the 2 people that asked. If  David wins it
then it won't matter, but this is good info to have for the future.

Thanks again.

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:29:52 -0500 "Kai M. Radicke" <> writes:
> Steve,
> The key to getting items shipped cheaply via freight is to inquire 
> about
> "depot to depot" shipping.  That involves you dropping the item off 
> at the
> shipping depot, and also the purchaser picking it up at one.  For 
> Yellow
> Freight prices, this can reduce them as much as 66%.  Alternatively, 
> call
> Forward Air ( ) and ask what their price 
> on depot
> to depot shipping...  it will be cheap.
> I shipped a TR6 hardtop from Philadelphia to El Paso for $60 in a 
> wooden
> crate that had a total weight of 200lbs!  It arrived in El Paso in 5 
> days.
> I had another company ship me an OD gearbox from Kansas City to 
> Philadelphia
> for under $50, also arrived in about a week.
> Forward Air has fewer depots across the country than Yellow, but 
> both have
> depots located in all major metropolitan areas (Forward's are 
> generally near
> large airports).  Yellow has more local depots, so they may be more
> convenient.
> Good Luck,
> Kai

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