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Re: MGB Improvements

Subject: Re: MGB Improvements
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 01:15:48 +1030
David Hayes wrote:
> Now my Mg ('73 Roadster) has been behaving for quite some time I have turned
> my mind to thinking about some improvements I could make.
> As far as I can tell the car is standard apart from an unleaded head and the
> engine has been relativly recently tuned profeessionally.
> My aims are to improve performance and/or reliabilty but my budget is
> smallish (200 GBP or so)
> My initial thought was to replace the air filters with better ones. Any
> other suggestions and which air filters are best? I presume after replacing 
> filters I would need to adjust the tune of the engine?

I could suggest other 'improvements' but as a recent convert I must
recommend Pipercross as your 'performance' airfilter choice:

This is based on, what, two weeks driving :-) but a bit of research and
a whole lot of recommendations.

Expensive - but cheaper than K&N of similar spec.

Adelaide, South Australia

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