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Re: MGB Improvements

Subject: Re: MGB Improvements
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 01:58:15 +1030
Lawrie Alexander wrote:
> Very impressive, Eric.........but how many people really drive their cars
> above 5,500 rpm in normal daily use? And, even though you say your engine is
> only slightly modified, those mods may make freer breathing at such high rpm
> be more effective.
> Frankly, for a daily driver, rather than an on-track performer, I still
> believe the factory got it right.

Yeah, you are probably right.

But hey, I can get through that turn at the lights (5000 probably in
first) before the oncoming traffic reaches me :-)

Maybe it is my wallet talking - but she just 'feels' more responsive
with the less restrictive filters on, but you are probably right, maybe
this is me just getting some better value out of the ported head and
extractors and the 'normal' driving, 'standard' motor probably might
even like the 'standard' filters more.

Still..... hmmmmm... the Pipercross filters LOOK prettier!

Adelaide, South Australia

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