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Re: MGB Improvements

Subject: Re: MGB Improvements
From: Eric <>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 01:26:07 +1030
Lawrie Alexander wrote:
> FWIW, one of my wealthier customers some years ago tried every different air
> cleaner available (four different types, including the expensive K & Ns) on
> his otherwise stock MGB. He carefully measured performance (time to
> accelerate between two fixed landmarks) and fuel economy with each set,
> comparing the data to the numbers as delivered with the original, factory
> air cleaners. He was surprised by the results of the test - and gave me back
> all the aftermarket ones. 'Twould appear the factory engineers were smarter
> than some people nowadays give them credit for being.........

When I can afford to run the car on the dyno again (after buying the
Pipercross filters and prepping for the first race of the season on
March 10th:-) I will send you the data.

My (only very slightly modified) '68B tested almost 10hp more when the
(SU) airfilters were removed.

With the little ram tubes and Pipercross filter I can very noticably
feel an improvement in throttle response and 'pull' after 5500 revs.  I
will also let you know if I get to my top-end speed faster on the track
(she used to really 'hit-the-wall' after 5500 revs with the 'standard'
filters on).  In fact, with such short straights, I could only get up to
90mph or so because she did seem to be 'gagging' for air/fuel.

I find it hard around my place to try her out above 80mph (which is
30mph already above the limit on the fastes bit of road close at hand -
and close to 15mph faster than our 'open speed limit' here. 

BTW there is a good chance that I will make the decision to take the
Pipercross filter off and just run with the open ram tubes (with
suitably cranked up fuel flow) when more air is never enough!

Adelaide, South Australia

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