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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:30:22 +0100
As long as you have a distributor you should be able to adjust the timing
and even with electronic ignition you still have to, all the electronic bits
do is replace the points.  But there are (expensive) gizmos around that give
an electronic advance curve and allow you to vary it far easier than
swapping dizzie springs and weights.

If you can't see the timing marks when they are painted you may have the
wrong cover (marks in a different place).  To those who don't understand why
an adjustable timing light is so useful, it allows you to dial in what the
timing should be and if it is correct the light will flash when the TDC mark
is by the pointer.  Also invaluable for checking your vacuum and centrifugal
advances are working correctly.  Running without vacuum advance will hit
cruising economy and cause the engine to run hotter than it should, it
shouldn't affect power - if the centrifugal timing is set and is working

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> ... I am having a problem with power.  I think it is timing related. I
> have static timed this car but I can not see the timing marks when I try
> time it with a timinig light. My light has an adjustment so you can set
> advance to as much as 60 degrees but I still don't see the timing marks.
> car seems to run good but no power.  It has a lucas 25D distributor and
> vacuum advance is not working.  No vacuum from the weber anyway.
> I know with electronic ignition they say your timing worries are gone but
> that mean I can't adjust it?

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