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Re: extra brake light

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Subject: Re: extra brake light
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:37:22 +0100
Just take the wiring to the LH rear light cluster where by swapping a couple
of single bullet connectors for doubles you can just plug into the existing
wiring (green/purple).  An in-line fuse just before connecting to the
original harness would do no harm, but the circuit is fused anyway.  I have
no idea what a 2057 bulb but if it consumes as much current as a standard
brake light bulb, i.e. 21W, or more then you may well find it causes
premature failure of your brake light switch.  There is a purple (fused,
always hot) supply in the boot/trunk to feed the courtesy light, you can run
that to the additional lamp via the relay contact and use the green/purple
and a ground to operate the relay.

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Subject: extra brake light

> I'm going to wire an additional brake light onto the middle of the rollbar
> our 67B. I can hide all the wiring beneath the rollbar cover and I think
> just use ties to attach it.
> What is the best way to wire into the brake lights/wiring harness so I can
> come up inside somewhere around the battery cover or wherever I don't have
> drill an additional hole? Should I fuse it?
> I have bought a cheap, rectangular light with a 2057 bulb.

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