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Re: Front springs too short

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Subject: Re: Front springs too short
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:44:18 +0100
What springs do you have?  Look at the web site below and click on
'Spanners' and 'Ride Height' for spring specs as well as typical ride
heights.  Too-hard rears is very common, I have never heard of too-weak
fronts until now.  If they are, then get your money back and buy elsewhere.

Rubber-bumper roadster springs are harder but they are shorter too, and
result in a standing height much the same as the CB items even though they
give less dive and roll.  GT springs look to be similar.


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Subject: Front springs too short

> The front springs on my '71 B are an inch too low (and my rears are an
> too high). I've measured the axel to chrome strip distance on dozens of
> level looking B's, and I believe I have a good idea what the height should
> be. Is there some kind of spacer or doodad that can raise the front up an
> inch? My local mechanic tried several sets of new springs, but evidently
> new crop of replacement spring are all weak. I seem to remember a spacer
> that would clamp to a coil spring and keep one turn spread apart. Is this
> gizmo still available?
> In lieu of a quick fix, does anyone know of a source of proper strength
> front springs? Better yet, a slightly higher spring to help level the car?
> (Because the rear is too high.) Would a GT spring work?

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