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Re: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B

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Subject: Re: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 16:52:01 -0700 (PDT)
Some of us don't have the family situations you
apparently have.  I have a special needs son that
needs 100% of our attention.  We do a tremendous
amount of traveling with him in tow as well as our
MG's.  It would be great to have your ideal situation
in an ideal world but some of us have to live life as
it is dealt to us.  Given a choice I would love to
drive to Paris via Iceland with my MG, but it's not
practical.  So lighten up on us that can't do what you
can OK?
70B Heritage body shell
2 Labs
2 kids 1=21 the other 15
and a life outside of MG's (-:
--- wrote:
> Guys...why tow your MG to a meet, be it MG 2000,
> St.Louis this summer..Texas 
> last summer....????
> These cars are built to be DRIVEN. You are missing
> out on 3/4 of the fun of a 
> meet if you do not DRIVE your MG!
> Significant other cannot/will not drive in the MG? 
> Let them take a second 
> car...or leave them at'll only have to
> do it once! ( may 
> be divorced the second time around, but you'll still
> have more FUN.)
> rick ingram
> 1969 MGC (driven round trip from central Illinois to
> Texas, North Carolina, 
> and Michgan in a 6 week period this summer.....with
> my wife)
> 1978 MGB
> 1974.5 MGB/GT V8

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