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RE: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B

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Subject: RE: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 17:19:04 -0700

I'm afraid you may have made your comments in vain.

After meeting Rick you may realize that he is also a special needs person
who should have 100% attention.

Thankfully his lovely wife does a very good job of taking care of him most
of the time.

: )


Your point is made, we all get to enjoy MGs one way or another.  I also fell
into the tow to event category this year as I hauled the Moss Motors MG TD
pickup truck down to the GOF in Durango CO, then onto MG2002 in Dallas.
Sadly I can't take the time off work to be able to drive back and forth to
events.  At least the truck got driven once there.  Nothing like puttering
over a 10,000 foot pass at 20 mph.  After tweaking the carbitooties the
beast had enough spunk to go off roading around Silverton the next day.  Not
bad for a one of a kind icon.

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> Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002 4:52 PM
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> Subject: Re: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B 
> Rick,
> Some of us don't have the family situations you
> apparently have.  I have a special needs son that
> needs 100% of our attention.  We do a tremendous
> amount of traveling with him in tow as well as our
> MG's.  It would be great to have your ideal situation
> in an ideal world but some of us have to live life as
> it is dealt to us.  Given a choice I would love to
> drive to Paris via Iceland with my MG, but it's not
> practical.  So lighten up on us that can't do what you
> can OK?
> Jim
> 69C
> 70B Heritage body shell
> 2 Labs
> 2 kids 1=21 the other 15
> and a life outside of MG's (-:
> --- wrote:
> > Guys...why tow your MG to a meet, be it MG 2000,
> > St.Louis this summer..Texas 
> > last summer....????
> > 
> > These cars are built to be DRIVEN. You are missing
> > out on 3/4 of the fun of a 
> > meet if you do not DRIVE your MG!
> > 
> > Significant other cannot/will not drive in the MG? 
> > Let them take a second 
> > car...or leave them at'll only have to
> > do it once! ( may 
> > be divorced the second time around, but you'll still
> > have more FUN.)
> > 
> > rick ingram
> > 1969 MGC (driven round trip from central Illinois to
> > Texas, North Carolina, 
> > and Michgan in a 6 week period this summer.....with
> > my wife)
> > 1978 MGB
> > 1974.5 MGB/GT V8

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