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To: "'Lawrie Alexander'" <>,
Subject: RE: New MGB
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:00:37 -0700

I am suitably chastened.

        I'd hoped the obvious attack of MGFs by an alleged MGB owner would
have been evidence of satire, but I guess I was too subtle for the
electronic medium.

        Please attach suitable emoticons for tongue in cheek to my last
post.  The generalizations may be offensive to some, and hit too close to
home for others.

        Personally I'm lusting after the Electric Blue MG Z Wagon I saw out
in Mineapolis last year.  I also would really like to have an MG TC.


> Never would I have expected such a broad generalization from 
> you! Not a
> smiley emoticon in sight, either....
> Such statements foster the very thing that you are describing 
> and I, for
> one, politely request a retraction - or at least one of the 
> aforementioned
> emoticons.
> Lawrie Alexander
> Past owner of most of the post-war MG models.
> Current owner of a very pre-war PA, a BGT, and a B roadster, 
> still lamenting
> the sale of my MGA..
> And someone who enjoys and appreciates all MGs (and wishes he 
> could buy one
> of the new MG estate cars)

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