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To: "'Paul T. Root'" <>
Subject: RE: New MGB
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:27:40 -0700

I note the comment about St.Paul.  Thanks for setting me straight.

I'm into weird wagons.  After seeing the new Ford V8 powered MG sport sedan
I was in lust, since there was talk of a wagon version.  I havn't kept up on
the press, so don't know what is happening lately.

For a short time I was thinking of getting into a Ford Focus, as Moss is
selling a supercharger for the car.  Methinks a Supercharged Ford Focus
wagon would be an interesting daily commuter.  Then Ford SVO came out with a
kit to install a 5 liter V8 into the Focus, converting the car to rear wheel
drive.  Hmmmmm.   5 liter V8 Ford Focus Wagon.  Paint it electric blue and
stick some MG badges on it, add a bit of stainless mesh on the nose.

Hey, I can dream can't I?

I guess I'll get back to working on my Rover SD1.  I can just think of it as
an MGB GT V8 5 door.   : )          (see I do use them once in a while).

currently driving a 1987 Toyota Camry wagon.  DOHC and a wheezy exhaust

> We're all getting old aren't we? Would have thought that our
> biggest car dreams (ok, ones that have a chance of coming true,
> I'll never get a DB4) are about Station Wagons. That ZT-T in
> St. Paul (the fairgrounds are in St. Paul, that's important
> to some Minnesotans ;-) is the perfect car for my family. 
> As it is, I'm hoping my old 626 makes it long enough to be able
> to get a Mazda 6 wagon. 
> Wagon, roadster, they're practically the same right? :-)
> Paul.
> '77B whose rubber bumpers aren't so bad, though RV8 bumpers
> would be better.

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