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Re: semi-winterizing a B

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Subject: Re: semi-winterizing a B
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 22:02:37 -0500
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Subject: semi-winterizing a B

> On the west coast, I drove my B year round. Now that it's in NY, it'll
> probably spend most of the winter in the garage. But I would like to take
> out on the occasional clear day. I'm thinking it would be good for both me
> and the car. Is there anything I should do to prep the car for such
> intermittent use? Already Waxoiled it, coolant mixture is 50/50 and I'll
> probably invest in one of those covers for the oil cooler. Anything else?
> Thanks in advance sages of the great white north,
> Joseph
> 67 MGB Roadster

In addition to what you do:

I lay one of those blue plastic tarps on the garage floor before I pull the
car in, this will prevent moisture from collecting under the car due to
condensation on the concrete.

I also place the car on jack stands, allowing the springs to hang and  to
keep the tires from flatspotting.

Make sure you warm it up on occasion, drive it if it's nice. Top down is
optional  :)


Is it that time of year already???

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