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Re: semi-winterizing a B

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Subject: Re: semi-winterizing a B
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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:29:43 +0100
Since mine may not come out for up to a month during *summer* I do nothing
for the winter, except rotate the wheels 1/4 turn each month if it has not
been out.  Forgot this one year and the first trip out was like on one of
those clown cars with wildly eccentric wheels.  Fortunately corrected itself
over the next 40 miles or so.  If raising off the ground you should support
under the suspension, not the body, to keep the suspension in about its
normal position.

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Subject: semi-winterizing a B

> On the west coast, I drove my B year round. Now that it's in NY, it'll
> probably spend most of the winter in the garage. But I would like to take
> out on the occasional clear day. I'm thinking it would be good for both me
> and the car. Is there anything I should do to prep the car for such
> intermittent use? Already Waxoiled it, coolant mixture is 50/50 and I'll
> probably invest in one of those covers for the oil cooler. Anything else?
> Thanks in advance sages of the great white north,

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